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Jail Release

Our lawyers answer phones 24/7 to speak with inmates and loved ones of inmates and get them out of jail as quickly as possible. In order to do so, we will interview the inmate if necessary, pick up and process any release paperwork and supporting documentation, and approach a judge immediately to advocate for release of the inmate on a personal bond. There is a 100% money back guarantee if we're not able to get the inmate released, so there's no risk in attempting to get someone out, and all jail release fees go towards representation on the criminal case should the inmate choose to hire our attorneys to represent them in court once released.

Waiving Magistration

When a defendant is arrested, they are brought before a magistrate judge who informs them of their constitutional rights, what they charges are that have been brought against them, and to inform them about any protective orders that are in place. Before this process, called magistration, can occur, the police officer must have turned in their arrest report, know as a probable cause affidavit. For misdemeanors, a police officer has up to 24 hours to do so, and for felonies they have up to 48 hours. Once this affidavit is turned in, a lawyer can step in and speed up the process by waiving the magistration hearing. This typically is useful when the inmate wants to speed up release, for parole, probation, or immigration reasons, or just for personal preference.

Bond Forfeitures

When a defendant is out on bond and misses their court date, the court issues a warrant for the defendant's arrest and a bond forfeiture. The bond forfeiture allows the county to sue the defendant for the total amount of the bond, and if the bond forfeiture is not handled within a month of happening, that's just what the county will do. Our attorneys are skilled at both settling these civil lawsuits for minimal cost to you, at times for free when the defendant has been rearrested, and in getting the original bond reinstated and having the defendant re-relased. If you know you have a warrant out for bond forfeiture, call our office to deal with it today, before you get arrested on it.

Bond Condition Modification

One benefit over a bondsman that we can offer as attorneys is the ability to advocate on your behalf to modify bond conditions you are under. Perhaps you want a house arrest or GPS monitor removed, or want to modify a no contact order, an attorney can help in circumstances like these to ease the difficulty of being under the pressures of bond restrictions while you are out fighting your case.

Call 24/7 to speak with a lawyer immediately

Some problems demand access to a jail release attorney immediately, and Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Betts are available 24/7 answering our phones to be able to advise you, offer quotes for jail release, and to effect those jail releases, even later after hours and on weekends and holidays.

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